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Underhill Wetting Agent Pellet Pro Applicator

  • 35+ GPM to get the job done faster!
  • Ultra Heavy-Duty construction: brass fittings, aircraft aluminum, stainless steel, precision engineered glass
  • Pellet rotation (1 RPS) evenly dissolves/applies tablets
  • Our heavy-duty surfactant applicator, high-flow valve and Precision™ Cloudburst™ nozzle combo comprises the finest wetting agent gun available. PelletPro™ accepts all wetting agent tablets and provides a high volume, yet soft spray for watering or applying surfactants to tight, hydrophobic soils.
  • Aqua-Zorb Applicator

    The Aqua-Zorb hose end applicator is designed for use with Aqua-Zorb Pellets, to provide a gentle, ultra soft spray when applying the product to dry, hydrophobic soils.

    The pellet rotation system evenly dissolves and applies Aqua-Zorb Pellets. The nozzle and precision flow control valve can be removed and used independently.

    The Aqua-Zorb Applicator is supplied with a brass adapter that allows the applicator to work with both the 3/4" and 1" hose fittings.

    Key points:

  • The hose end applicator applies Aqua-Zorb Pellets evenly and quickly 
  • Delivers droplet in an outstanding fan pattern
  • Can be used with most other hose end wetting agents

Underhill Wetting Agent Pellet Pro Gun

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