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The 360 Hole Painter by Par Aide "Simply the Best Paint Quality on the Market"

The 360 Hole Painter will improve golfers putting visibility, and elevate the premium experience of your course with a Tour - Level enhancement that is easily applied in just a few minutes 


  1. High Pure Quality Turf Formulated Paint
  2. Uses a unique nozzle, effortlessly paint the top 28mm above the cup bright white
  3. Simple and Easy to Use
  4. No "Shadowing" of the paint
  5. No Dripping on the Cup
  6. No Overspray on the Green
  7. Consistent Professional finish time and time again

Starter Pack includes :                 360 Painting Tool 

                                                               12 Cans Premium Turf Formulted Paint

                                                                3 Replacement Cup Shields 




360 Hole Cup Painter Par Aide

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