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The 3m (10ft) wide Folding Dew Brush 

New Improved Design for the brushes to overlap making sure no gap is left in the middle of the brush.

  •  Highly functional tool with fold away brushes 
  • Easy Slider Design " Simply Close when finished
  • Easy to Transport with No Damage
  • Unique and Clever Design 
  • Folds Neatly Away
  • Folding Dew Brush
    This simple yet highly functional fold away brush instantly solves the problems of storing such a large product.
    Within seconds fold and place in your vehicle or carry using the balanced weight design.
    The brush overlaps in the centre when locked in use, no lines or marks are left on the ground. 
    Also has a storage location hole for when back at the shed. Easy to hang out of the way.

    From recent feedback these new folding dew brushes are outlasting previous fixed width models by 2-3 times, solely from reduction of damage in transit from A-B, thus saving you money over the long term.

Replacement brushes are also available, please e mail

Folding Dew Brush

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