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Grass Prism Gauge Height of Cut

Manufactured from a stainless steel body and machined accurately to hold a solid high-quality glass prism that bends light at 90 degrees.

Place directly onto your golf green, tee or fairway to examine the quality and height of cut by looking down through the instrument, you can determine the actual height of cut as well as the quality of cut and smoothness of the surface. After you have finished using the instrument pack away safely in the protective case supplied with every unit.

  1. Examine Quality and Height of Cut and check smoothness of the surface.
  2. Observe the grass blade tips
  3. Guaranteed consistensy of determining HOC.
  4. East to veiw metric and imperial ona graduated scale, for ease of use.
  5. Ideal for all Golf playing surfaces 
  6. Monitor your playing surfaces accurately at all times of the year.
  7. Check whether your mower is performing as expected.
  8. Safety Protective case suppied with each unit.


Grass Prism Height of Cut

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