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Mower Height of Cut Setter & Levelness of Cut

Suitable for all mowing machines with front and rear rollers. With this device not only can you set the height of cut within a few thousandths of an inch but you can virtually guarantee getting a level cut due to the very fine adjustment available to you



How Does it Work


The mower cylinder blade is turned so that the blade setter indicator is located onto the bottom blade of one side of the mower.

When the indicator arm is located onto the bottom cutting blade the setter bar will pull up onto the rollers of the mower keeping the blade setter in position for setting adjustments.

The adjust the height of cut move the adjustable roller up and down, in the normal way, and as you do so the indicator will move until you reach the required setting.

When the required setting is reached move the setter to the other side of the mower and repeat.

Two types of indicator are available. One for fine cutting, giving an adjustment from 0 - 3/8" Imperial or 0 - 10mm Metric.

To replace the indicator when worn, the pin and spring are removed and then replaced with the indicator selected.

Accuracy can be achieved for both height of cut and levelness of cut, this is due to the unique pivot action of the indicator, moving across the scale magnifying the actual reading by 4 times to one. Available in Metric or Imperial.



Care should be taken with this precision instrument when locating and disengaging the instrument from the cutting blade. This indicator should be pushed up so that it clears the blade and then slid in and lowered so that the mower cutting blade location, locates on the front cutting edge of the cutting blade.


Most Triplex units the setter can be used with them still on the machine. However it has been found much easier to use the setter when the units are off the machine and turned upside down.

A unique tool that clips to cutting plate of mower, pulling up onto the rollers. Allows for very accurate setting by means of a scale on the tool.

Available with Green or Fairway Setting.

This Height of Cut Setter is the best value for money without compromising accuracy and levelness of cut.

Height of Cut Setting Indicator Bar

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