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Whether you change your cup position daily or not the “Hole Groomer” is the best tool developed to improving a high standard of cut and finish on a golf hole.

This unique tool invented and patented by Bernard King in New Zealand and further developed by Croucher & Crowder is the original and only design on the market that creates a perfect regulation size  with a crisp edge to the cup hole for that Tournament Finish to your Golf Hole in an instant.

Only taking a few seconds, the groomer works by fitting the round blade inside the cup hole (with or without the cup in the hole). Trapping the edge of the hole ( that has lost its shape ) and with a Guillotine Action and several quick squeezes on the handle,  then rotating the razor sharp blade in the opened position through 90 degrees and repeat. 

Remove to reveal a perfect regulation 4 1/4 inch Diameter Trimmed Hole with a crisp edge that every golfer will appreciate whilst on the putting surface.

DayLinks are the approved distributer in the UK, Ireland and Europe for the manufactures and provide technical advice and demonstrations by appointment

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Hole Groomer "The Original Design as Manufactured by Croucher & Crowder"

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