The 2015 amended design has built upon the solid foundation of the first model with it's award winning features.

  • New  modified blade top to eliminate hammer contact issues and drive the blade easily without compacting the root zone.
  • Closer tolerance engineering on the blade internals to ensure precision and to eliminate or reduce plug drop issues.
  • Two new additional bracing points with extra welding providing extra strength with prolonged heavy duty use.
  • Re - designed stainless steel blades boasting four times the strength of other common solid shell types with case hardened blade tips providing the sharpest of cut on your greens.
  • A truly solid and well built tool to get the job done on even the hardest of push up greens.
  • Bulls Eye Level Indicator to give the operator more confidence when striking the hole ensuring a crisp cut and vertical struck hole is achieved.
  • The I-PRO is now more ergonomic with Anti - Vibrationcustom moulded grips giving the user a more dextrous feel whilst providing a solid grip when pounding the unit.
  • The stronger locking Easy Ratchet mechanism and redesigned case hardened internals contributing to 50% less back strain on the user.
  • Adjustable depth stop gauge 
  • Simply the best most practicable and unique Docking Systemavailable to protect the blade and make transporting the unit in your utility vehicle a breeze.

  • DayLinks also offers a full collection, repair and refurbishment service for this product

    The Ultimate Solid Shell Holecutter for USGA and  Push up Greens

I Pro Holecutter manufactured by BMS