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KSAB DUO Fertilizer & Sand Spreader   Stainless Steel Gearing System 


The DUO Spreader is perfect with any fine granule fertilizer or top dressing sand.


  • The Double Plates gives the DUO "Simply the Best"  and Widest  (4.1 m approx.) Dispersal pattern. No need for overlaps or second rounds.
  • The lifting handle makes it easy to lift when placing on a utility vehicle
  • The spreader plates are individually maneuvered
  • The parking wheel makes the spreader roll steady and always at the same horizontal angle. The wheels unburden the user who avoids "lifting" the load.
  • A set of calibration keys makes it easy to keep track of the dosage
  • All made of durable plastic and stainless steel.


KSAB Duo Fertiliser & Sand Spreader

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