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Wentworth Divot Repair Tool

Are your divot holes suffering from that half repaired mole hill look? With the Wentworth  tool you can make an almost invisible repair in seconds. The Wentworth Tool creates the equivalent of over 8 to10,000 holes per square metre for its given footprint area!

Divots are consolidated and using this method of repair the recovery time is much quicker.

Issues of replaced turf dying or lifting out are eliminated with this tool.

Players will benefit from playing surface and presentation they have come to expect from your work.

  • Repair damaged turf and divots in seconds
  • Creates a massive 8 to10,000 holes per square metre
  • Divots consolidated and recovery time is increased
  • Ideal for prick seeding
  • Helps reduce the use of fungicide
  • Creates a good size pocket for maximum seed germination
  • Save time and money and in the long term help avoid major renovation work.

Wentworth Divot Repair Tool

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