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Linksmaster Winter Tee Mat Frame Adjustable Legs

  • Steel Construction Frame with Adjustable Legs fo uneven ground conditions
  • "Portable" can be moved to various positions to distribute wear on tees and approaches
  • Ideal for Permanent, Temporary and Winter usage
  • Ball striking performance similar to natural grass with shock absorbing mat
  • Maintenance Free
  • Suitable for Left and Right Hand Golfers
  • Accomadates Rubber Cross Head Tee peg increasing mat like
  • Continued growth of grass under the frame
  • Easily moven for mowing and summer storage


Linksmaster Winter Tee Mat Frame

  • The Steel Construction Frame has a replaceable good quality Golf mat with Wilton Woven Synthetic Grass with integral shock absorbing pad system seated on a treated marine plywood base.

    The Golf Mat is securely bolted into the frame with fully adjustable telescopic legs for accurate leveling on un even ground.

    6ft x 4ft  1850mm x 1220mm Standard Size

    Weight 85kg


    The Frame consists of a steel frame with a secure but replaceable *** Three Star Verde Golf Mat. The mat is a top quality Wilton woven synthetic grass with integral shock pad system seated on a treated exterior quality plywood base.  The Driving Mat and base are securely bolted into the frame.  Fully adjustable telescopic legs permit accurate levelling.  All metal surfaces on the sturdy metal frame are powder coasted in green.  Six replaceable rubber grommets are inserted to grip standard wooded/plastic tee pegs. 



    Standard sizes:  6ft x 4ft (1.85m x 1.22m)

    Approximate weight:  85kg


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