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Linksmaster Hand Mower Turning Protection Sheet 

"Turning the Greens Hand Mower, especially in areas vulnerable to traffic"

These covers prevent the torque and twisting of the greens mower as it passes over or turns on the collar of the golf green.

  • Helps prevent mechanical injury to the surface.
  • Helps protect spots that are sandy, wet or just highly trafficked.
  • Helps reduce mechanical wear to collars from walk behind mowers.
  • Zero Absorbing Material, No Contamination and Easy to Clean after use.
  • Strong Flexible Durable with No Sharp Edges
  • Size 6ft x 4ft ( 1200mm x 600mm )
  • For more details contact us on 01371 705030   email: 



Mower Turning Protection Sheet Cover Pack of 24

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