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Keep your Image Spotless   Keep the Mud outside the Clubhouse

The Perfect Partner to the Bootwiper Cleaning Area

Safe and Effective ANTI SLIP Grating


  • 2025mm Length x 1025mm Width x 300mm Depth x 50mm External Non Slip 
  • Mounted over a Soakaway - easy to Install
  • Low Maintenance - easy to clean, never needs painting
  • Anti Slip - Gritted Top Surface - High Skid Resistance
  • Safety - Non Conductive / Non Magnetic / Resists Fungicidal Growth
  • Lightweight - Allows Easy Handling and Installation by your Staff
  • Strength - Load Bearing Capacity, Tensile Strength Higher than Steel
  • Design - Fibreglass Base / Walls Re-Enforced / Allows Water to Drain Freely 
  • Cleaning - Removable Grating facilitates Mud Removal
  • Anti Aging - More than 20 Years Life Span is guaranteed for GRP Grating
  • Weatherproof - No need to worry abour Rust and also U.V. Resistant 
  • Impact Resistant - More Impact Resistant than Metal.
  • Fire Retardent - Flame spread rating 25 or less
  • Egronomic - Safe and Comportable to stand on 
  • Economic - Minimal maintenance and low installtion costs make it cost efficient
  • Flexible - pods can be joined together or  sepcially desighned to suit
  • Delivery - Made to Order  3-4 weeks 
  • E MAIL for further information -

Golf Shoe Mud Cleaning Platform

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