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ProPlex Cube Tee Marker with Resin Domed Logo    

Bullet Proof Material available in Brown or Black fitted with aluminium mounting socket


  • 100% Virtually Maintenance Free No Need Paint
  • Premium Sustainable Hard Wearing Recycled Plastic
  • 6mm Stainless Steel Screw in Spike 6mm x 70mm
  • ProPlex™ Cube Tee marker available in 4 Real Wood Effect Finishes 

  • Any Colour Vinyl Band Options:  RED  YELLOW  WHITE  BLUE  GREEN  BLACK  PURPLE  

  • Resin Encapsulated  Logo 
  • 90mm x 90mm x 135mm cube profile

Contact us at   or 01371 705030 


ProPlex Cube Tee Marker from

Colour of Marker
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