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Manufactured in the UK since 1920  

The distinctive of all seat, with its flowing curves and curls, is often used as the focal point in and around the golf clubhouse.
An imposing seat that can only add elegance with vista combining practicality to the club patio all year round.

Material Carriage UK
Teak Included

Stebbing Curved Teak Seat

  • Width  195.6cm - 77"
    Height  106.1cm - 41 3⁄4"
    Depth  59.4cm - 23 3⁄8"
    Arm Height  74.4cm - 29 1⁄4"
    Seat Height  45.1cm - 17 3⁄4"
    Weight  38Kg - 84Lbs

    Material           Carriage UK
    Teak                         Included

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