Dew Switch with Replaceable Rubber Bush & Knuckle Head Fitting


Ultimate performance for Removal of Dew and Worm Castings from Greens and other Fine Turf

  • Puts maximum pressure on the Greens Surface
  • Promotes quicker drying and raising of ground temperature to encourage growth and avoid disease.
  • Easily Adjustable Rubber Bush for maximum pressure
  • Self Cleaning Design, Keep all the cuttings from entering the unit
  • East to Clean "Simply Run Water Through the End"
  • Aluminium construction covered in Green Vinyl Guard Protection with soft hand grips that provide dexterity and feel for the operator.
  • Fits Toro Greens Machine switch Holders.
  • Replaceable Base End Cap 
  • Will Accomadate Accuform Ace 2 Rake Head for duel purpose
  • Supplied with 9.5mm and 8.5mm Replaceable Switch Can ' White and Pearl Black'


The replaceable end section is 2.2 metres in length and either 8.5mm or 9.5mm diamter , and constructed from a vinylester high-quality carbon flexing rod for maximum ground contact.

Overall length when extended is approx 4 meters, providing the operator another flexible arm to help brush away splashed bunker sand, acorns, twigs, pine needles, dew, top dressing and worm casts.

Ultimate Dew Removing Switch