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Solid Metal Hose Nozzle

Underhill® Magnum™ contains no plastic internal parts to break, stick or wear out. Our unique ratchet mechanism easily adjusts from gentle fan to powerful jet stream and prevents over-tightening damage. Precision-machined, incredibly smooth operation and outstanding distribution patterns make it ideal for high-demand areas like greens and tees. Magnum™ is also an excellent equipment wash-down nozzle.

  • Solid metal internal - no plastic parts to break or wear out
  • Multi-pattern sprays - effortless control with hydraulic assist on/off
  • Ratchet mechanism prevents over-tightening damage
  • Fire hose quality nozzle feels great in your hands
  • Built for 1” and ¾” flow rates
  • FLOW RATE  140 Litres per minute at 80 PSI 
  • Materials: stainless steel,aluminum, TPR rubber 

Underhill Magnum

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