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​​​​​​​V2110 Groundworker 


  • No tired or heavy feet due to a super lightweight construction
  • Protect your toes with a strong wide-fitting toecap
  • Nails/screws lying around? Underfoot protection with a composite midsole
  • Feet stay warm and dry with a waterproof and a thermal lining
  • This boot contains no leather so it is vegan-friendly
  • Made in Europe
  • EN ISO 20345:2021 S5L AN CI FO SR

    Do you need a lightweight safety wellington?


    Groundworker means heavy and tired feet are no longer a problem - its neoprene leg material and composite midsole means it is an incredibly light wellington, helping you stay comfortable even after a long, hard shift.


    This wellington keeps you protected for longer because the durable polyurethane material and tear-resistant neoprene leg makes it an extremely resilient and non-cracking boot. And for even more protection, Groundworker’s outsole is resistant to multiple contaminants.


    As if that wasn’t enough, if you’re working on site around heavy objects or machinery at foot height, your ankle area is fully protected by Groundworker’s impact-resistant ankle cushioning. And speaking of protection, cold feet won’t be an issue either, as Groundworker has a thermal insulating lining.


    One last piece of good news? Because it is constructed from leather-free material, Groundworker is vegan-friendly.


    SKU:         V2110
    Weight:    1100g

V2110 Groundworker

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