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​​​​​​​VW256 Titan Safety Boot by V12 

  • Your toes are protected with a steel toecap
  • Nails/screws lying around? Underfoot protection with a steel midsole
  • High-performing slip-resistant tread
  • Reinforced lower shin protector
  • Reflective trim for visibility


EN ISO 20345:2011 S5 SRA


Do you need a safety wellington that offers essential protection and grip at a budget-supporting price?


Your feet are protected from heavy falling objects with Titan’s steel toecap, and if you work on a site where nails or screws could be lying around, you get superb underfoot protection with a steel midsole, and just like the toecap.


Long-lasting comfort with a breathable foam footbed featuring a padded arch guard. Comfort and durability also offerred by the flexible PVC and Nitrile Rubber construction


But the safety benefits don’t stop there - Titan has a reinforced lower shin protector and reflective trim for visibility.



SKU:         VW256
Weight:    1,115g

VW256.01 Titan Safety Boot

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