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DayLinks supply a range of balls that perform and offer the customer a realistic golf ball striking experience that all levels of golfer will appreciate. A Range Ball that will last a bit longer and ultimately reduce the cost of refreshing your ball stock less frequently providing a cost effective programme with ball replacement. DayLinks have over 25 years experience working with the best partners in golf ball manufacturing to prioritise quality and ensure we source the best quality range ball to compliment your driving range. Confident we can provide the very best range balls available on the market.
Our One Piece Balls are simply great value and are extremely durable for an excellent playing experience. This has been achieved using a double coated rubber construction with a ball carry distance of over 227 yards.
Our 2 Piece Range Balls are constructed from a rubber core with an additional Surlyn Cover for added protection. This is desighned to maximise the working life of the ball whilst maintaining its visual appeal and helping reduce your costs through less frequent replacement. Our Two Piece Ball is a close match to a competition ball with a carry of over 250  yards and a distance of 272 yards this ball is as good as you will find, simply e mail Mark Day for a sample .
We offer a FREE Logo Service on all orders over 500 dozen balls adding another revenue steam for the business.
The Range Balls can be with your Club logo on the face of the ball or named around the equator, displaying an advertisers name in exchange for them funding all of part of your stock without losing your name of brand.  12 Week lead time on logo balls  E mail Mark for more details 

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