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Golf Course Equipment Uk

Ever since we were founded back in 2013, we have built up an exceptional reputation for offering quality greenkeeping products and golf course supplies at incredibly reasonable prices. We are also known for our outstanding customer advocacy and reliability, which we always aim to uphold to each of the clients we work with. Customer satisfaction is also something we take very seriously - which is why we always ensure our clients are 100% happy with their experience when purchasing our golf course equipment.

Across our website, we have a wide variety of golf course equipment available for you to buy. DayLinks is an authority on dew removing products and one of our most popular methods of dew removal is the  Original Dew Brush design by Simon Grand commonly called The Big Dewie "The Original Brush” it has a 3000mm (10ft) span of tightly knitted bristles, this dew brush is another example of clever innovation that made an impact in the golf industry over 25 years ago when Simon Grand Head Greenkeeper at Lydd Golf Club first came up with the idea of brushing the surface of greens.


Changing the way Greenkeeper's started removing dew has lead to an innovative time-saving device whilst helping reduce disease saving the golf club expensive fungicide bills. This simple yet highly functional brush instantly removes dew consistently and effectively by raising the nap dispersing the water droplets over it's surface. DayLinks recommend switching or brushing to remove dew when not cutting.


Most turfgrass diseases spread via water droplets, so just imagine all those water droplets that are created during the early hours to form a dew. Plants release excess nutrients via their stomata's (gutation) during night hours when there is no sun and rarely any wind to evaporate it. These exudates become mixed with the dew water and become the perfect food source for disease pathogens in their early stages of growth. Not what you want on your putting surface, with the DayLinks range of dew removing products you can help reduce the impact of Fusarium patch which is a disease that no greenskeeper wants on their surface.


The handle of the brush has an optional built-in quick release dew switch for help in removing bunker sand deposited on to the green, rabbit droppings, pine needles, unwanted twigs and foliage whilst servicing the surface.  Soon after the Original Dew Brush the Folding Dew Brush was introduced,  this is a highly functional tool with fold away brushes designed by James Buckholt. The brush glides very easily over the green, clearing any dew on its path - as well as leaving bold stripes where the nap has folded, this has improved presentation around the green surrounds and is also ideal for striping tees when to wet for the mowers to play there part, grooming before mowing and dispersing worm casts and grass clippings as and when required in season is an integral part of the brush when removing dew.

This simple fold away brush instantly solves the problems of storing such a large product and within seconds, you can fold and place this in your utility vehicle. You also have the option to carry it, due to the excellent balanced weight design. The brush overlaps in the centre when locked in use and no lines or marks are left on the ground and we truly believe this is an essential part of the modern maintenance kit found in the greenkeepers compound. DayLinks also manufacture the original ProLock Switch otherwise known as the Green Mamba Dew Switch,  this dew switch has a lockable end that creates high pressure tension on the putting surface to get rid of unwanted worm casts, bunker sand, twigs and any obstacle that will harm or damage your cutting blades.


DayLinks manufacture replacement switch tips out of epoxy resin using the pultrusion method, this put simply is the most durable and cost effective switch tip ever to be released on the market, its name The Great White Switch Tip is a white 8.5mm diameter rod with a length of 2200mm that is perfect for switching the surface on your green providing the operator a visual backdrop of colour to see what he or she is doing to the surface.

Would you like to purchase some golf course equipment? Make sure you visit the DayLinks website today. However, if you would like to have a chat with a member of our experienced team - give us a call on 01371 705030. Alternatively, fill in the contact form on our website and someone will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss how we can best meet your requirements.

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