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Winning the Race Against Poa

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Par Aide Accuform Accuseed unit demonstrated at Chelmsford Golf Club in Essex here in the UK. Simply the Perfect Spot Seeding Tool for helping bent grass to germinate and send it on its journey to survive and establish a better playing surface on the golf green. Well designed stainless steel sprung loaded spikes puncture the turf 5/16-in. deep creating a pocket whilst simultaneously dropping the Precious Bent Grass Seed precisely in the holes, this allows ideal seed to soil contact and a cocoon for the bent grass to thrive. Minimal impact is achieved to the playing surface due to the flat base plate of the seed housing and in turn will cause little or no disruption to play.

Accuform Accuseed golf course maintenance tool

Accuform Accuseed, golf course maintenance man

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