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The Original Golf Hole Groomer

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Whether you change your golf hole position daily or when conditions dictate the “Hole Groomer” is the original tool developed for improving a superior standard of cut and finish on a golf hole than any other tool currently available on the market. The latest changes in the 2019 R&A Rule allows the golfer to leave the flag pin in the hole cup whilst on the putting surface, this quite simply adds to the increase in ball handling around the golf hole and damage to the integral structure and shape of the golf hole. Simply repair the damage - read on .............. This unique tool invented and patented by Bernard King in New Zealand and further developed by Engineers Croucher & Crowder is the original and only design on the market that creates a perfect regulation size and crisp edge to the golf hole adding that superior cut and finish to your Golf Hole in an instant. Simply a must have addition to your Greenkeeping armoury of specialist tools.

The Hole Groomer has been described by many Head Greenkeepers, Course Managers and Golf Superintendent's as the best tool ever purchased to make a difference in there Greenkeeping career.

It provides a consistent cut and finish for all the staff to use, when operated, the base plate reduces crowning by pressing on the surface around the hole. Taking just a few seconds to operate, the groomer works by fitting the razor sharp round blade inside the cup hole (with or without the cup in the hole). Trapping the Side Edge of the Holethat has lost its shape ) and with a Guillotine Action and several quick squeezes on the handle and then rotating the Razor Sharp Blade whilst in the open position and turning through 90 degrees and repeating twice (Complicated to explain but easy in practice) Remove to reveal a perfect regulation 4 1/4 inch Diameter Trimmed Hole with a crisp edge that every tournament and club golfer will appreciate on any putting surface.

The precision hardened and tempered blade can easily be replaced or sharpened by the operator. DayLinks calibrate and assemble all groomers prior to despatch to ensure the correct tension is applied on the blade for maximum performance from day one. Click here to buy.

Golf hole grooming tool, green keeping equipment

DayLinks are the approved distributer in the UK, Ireland and Europe for the manufactures Croucher & Crowder and provide on site technical advice, blade sharpening assembly and demonstrations where possible by appointment. send your enquiry to Mark Day

  • Precision hardened and tempered cutting blade to accurately trim and gauge hole to 4.25" diameter

  • Removes any minor imperfections or peaking (crowning) of the cup area. Reduces labour hours on green maintenance

  • Extends playing life of the hole

  • Suitable for all types of both soil and sand based greens

  • Mounting brackets available to suit Toro, Jacobsen and John Deere greens mowers

  • New 2019 R&A Ruling leaving in the flag stick will only add to the damage around the hole

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